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What are Contrave Diet Pills?

Contrave diet pills

Contrave is a new diet pill that contains 2 active medicines; bupropion HCl and naltrexone HCl that as a combination have been scientifically proven to help people lose weight. Both bupropion and naltrexone are FDA approved drugs and the combination was given the name Contrave by drug’s developer Orexigen Therapeutics.

Clinical trials have shown that when patients take Contrave in combination with regular exercise and dieting they lost more weight than patients who were given a  placebo who followed the exact same exercise program and diet.

Contrave is currently not available to buy online, however there are a number of alternative weight loss pills out there. It is anticipated that samples will be offered by Orexigen Therapeutics before the initial release.

When describing the effect that he thought this product would have on the market, Peter Vecie of Online Pharmaceutical stated:

“I think Contrave will be the biggest thing since Viagra. People have been waiting for ten years for a new weight loss drug that is this promising”.

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Where to Buy Contrave Diet Pills Online?

After it was given FDA approval in 2014, it is expected that Contrave will be available for sale in the later part of 2015 however an exact date is not unknown. If you are looking to buy Contrave online then you should consider alternatives for the time being.

Contrave Cost

Patients who pay via cash and who do not have insurance to cover it pay approximately $70 each month for the first two months, and $60 a month after that.

Privately insured patients with copay the cost of Contrave is $55 per month for the first two months, and then $45 a month after that.

Contrave cost

How it Works

The combination of the drugs bupropion and naltrexone targets parts of the central nervous system known as CNS pathways that influence food consumption.

Bupropion is a norepinephrine reuptake and dopamine inhibitor, which also activates pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) neurons in the hypothalamus which give an effect downstream. This results in a loss of appetite and increased energy output both of which obviously promote weight loss.

Where to buy Contrave diet pills online


  • Contrave should be used in combination with increased exercise and a reduced calorie diet.
  • It is not known at this stage if Contrave changes risk of heart problems, stroke or death due to heart problems or stroke.
  • It is not known if at this stage Contrave is safe and effective when taken with other medications.



The use of Contrave should be you have any of the following apply:

  • you have uncontrolled hypertension
  • you have or have had seizures
  • you use other medicines that contain bupropion
  • you have or have had anorexia or bulimia
  • you are dependent on opioid pain medicines or use medicines to help stop taking opioids or are in opiate withdrawal
  • you drink a lot of alcohol and abruptly stop drinking, or use sedatives, benzodiazepines, or anti-seizure medicines and you stop using them all of a sudden
  • you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). Ask your doctor if you are not sure. Do not start using Contrave until you have stopped taking your MAOI for at least 14 days
  • you are allergic to naltrexone HCl or bupropion HCl or any of the ingredients in CONTRAVE.
  • you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant

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